Women On Motorcycles Enjoying Nature
Why do we exist?
Ah yes, the age old question... (but I'm NOT going to get all existential on you)
Women On Motorcycles Enjoying Nature was created to cater to the benefits one can gain
from taking time out to look at and to breathe in the beauty of the world in which we live.
It allows the freedom to become one with nature, with our bikes and ourselves.
It gives us the chance to make new friends, explore new places
and to share friends and places we are already familiar with.
It offers the opportunity to leave the stress behind and to
concentrate instead on the simple act of enjoying ourselves and our world.
The purpose of this group is simply to bring together women, motorcycles and camping.
Our goal is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. We are NOT looking for drama or an outlet to get crazy.
We ARE looking for friends, to enjoy our bikes and to connect with nature.